2.5KG Automatic Fire Extinguisher Singapore


Automatically and effectively combats against Class A, B and C fires.

  • Comes with Ceiling Mount
  • T-bracket
  • Conventional Sprinkler Head
  • Automatically activated when temperature hits 68°C


2.5KG ABC Dry Powder Automatic Fire Extinguisher Singapore

This automatic fire extinguisher is a fixed fire fighting unit that operates automatically. It is chosen over other manual dry powder fire extinguishers when it is to be placed in unmanned locations that pose a fire risk or facilities with little manpower to oversee.

It can automatically and effectively combat Class A, B and C fires.


The fire extinguisher should be installed directly adjacent and above the fire risk, with its discharge novel directed vertically downwards.

How It Works:

Automatic fire extinguishers are fitted with a heat activation glass bulb sprinkler head. It is designed to break when the temperature hits 68 Degrees Celsius, where it will automatically release its seal to allow a full discharge of the dry powder onto the fire.

Commonly Used Areas: 

  • Engine Compartments
  • Generator and Industrial Pump Rooms
  • Switch Rooms
  • Boats and Vehicles


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