4.5KG ABC Dry Powder Automatic Fire Extinguisher Singapore


Automatically and effectively combats against Class A, B and C fires.

  • Comes with Ceiling Mount
  • T-bracket
  • Conventional Sprinkler Head
  • Automatically activated when temperature hits 68°C


4.5KG ABC Dry Powder Automatic Fire Extinguisher Singapore

This automatic fire extinguisher is designed to counter the risks of fires in unmanned facilities.
These are fixed firefighting units that operate automatically in areas with potential accidental fires.

It can automatically and effectively combat Class A, B and C fire risks.


Installation should be done immediately adjacent and directly above fire risk with discharge novel directed vertically downwards.

How It Works:

The automatic fire extinguisher is fitted with a heat activation glass bulb sprinkler head.
The bulb is usually activated and breaks at 68 Degrees Celsius and automatically releases the seal on the extinguisher
allowing a full discharge of the suppressant onto the fire.

Commonly Used Areas: 

  • Engine Compartments
  • Generator and Industrial Pump Rooms
  • Switch Rooms
  • Boats and Vehicles


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